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jazyk ČZ a.s. Praha (Strakonice)
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HR policy of the company:

Headcount by business activities:
Indicator 2004 2005 2006
Total headcount 1390 1184 1476
Production 1184 1237 1270
Services 206 203 206
Note: Data in average recalculated headcount

Social programme of the company:

The social programme arises from the organization’s need to develop optimal conditions for the stabilization and motivation of employees, their identification with the work being performed and the organization itself. The whole complex of social activities is understood not only as a source of work motivation but also as a support for HR work creating conditions for increased work initiative and better working conditions in the broader concept.

ČZ motivates its employees to:
  • establish a relationship towards the organization
  • place emphasis on quality work
  • work consistently

The main focus of the social programme:
  1. Improving working conditions
  2. Health care
  3. Meals
  4. Occupational health and safety
  5. Job and downsizing protection
  6. Unemployment benefits
  7. Retirement plan
  8. Employer’s services for employees
  9. Care for special groups of employees

ad 1. Improving working conditions
Some benefits are based on the currently applicable collective agreement
  • reduced working hours to 37.5 hours/week
  • standard holiday plus one-week extra
  • greater rights to paid days off over legal provisions
  • provision of remunerations for working and life milestones upon retiring
  • provision of holiday and Christmas benefit

  • spends money on maintaining and improving working conditions for employees through investments into, maintenance and repairs of existing buildings and equipment
  • consistently promotes cleanliness and tidiness in workplaces and increased cultural character of the work environment
ad 2. Health care
All employees have been provided with health care by contractual physicians in ČZ. Each employee may also select a physician of his/her own choice. The organization provides free preventive medical examinations for all staff.
ad 3. Meals
The organization provides hot meals to all employees through its own canteen during working hours. Rules of hygiene are highly respected when cooking and serving meals to employees. The organization provides a meals allowance for one dish to all employees.
ad 4. Occupational health and safety
The organization’s commitments in this area are described in the collective agreement.

  • thoroughly realizes remedial actions emerging from inspections by relevant bodies
  • provides employees with necessary PPE for performing required activities according to an internal directive
  • continuously audits OHS internally in workplaces in order to eliminate health risks for employees
ad 5. Job and downsizing protection
The organization accepts responsibility that jobs can be reduced only in order to achieve effective employment.
ad 6. Unemployment benefits
In case of termination of employment for organizational reasons, repayment of financial liabilities of the employee towards the employer is postponed throughout the time of registration at the labour exchange, however for 12 months at the latest.
ad 7. Retirement plan
An employee working at ČZ for 20 or more years or whose retirement age is 10 years or less away receives increased protection in case of retrenchment for organizational reasons or transfer to another suitable job position.
ad 8. Employer’s services for employees
Within its operational possibilities and in conformity with its internal directives, the employer will lend items of a non-production character to employees, provide repairs and other works and sell off unused material.
ad 9. Care for special groups of employees
  • Social subsidies
    In case of extraordinary serious social events, the employer will provide a one-off social subsidy.
  • Pensioner care
    All interested former employees may purchase hot meals at a low price and are provided with some other benefits resulting from the collective agreement.

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