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Truck - DV 35 T4 K

DV 35 T4 K

DV 35 T4K front fork-lift trucks are used for the loading, unloading and transport of pallet-loaded materials and goods. They are particularly intended for off-road operation where standard design trucks cannot be used. The trucks have all-wheel drive. The drive axle wheel drive is used as a wrecking truck for operation under heavy off-road conditions.

Operational features: Optional equipment:
  • easy operation and access to important assemblies;
  • double assembly of drive axle wheels;
  • differential shutter;
  • self-adjustable brake shoes with asbestos-free lining;
  • high ground clearance;
  • spring-loaded drive axle;
  • panoramic lifting equipment with excellent transparency;
  • hydrodynamic inverter and bi-gear transmission selectable under load;
  • switch-off reduction gearbox;
  • electromagnetic engine stop;
  • spring-loaded and adjustable drivers seat;
  • hydraulic servo drive and angle-adjustable steering wheel with handle;
  • work lights;
  • upright exhaust pipe;
  • optional assembly of ROMDA equipment for winter starts;
  • catalytic converter;
  • supporting cylinders for lifting equipment;
  • line of lifts up to 4.4 m (TRIPLEX lifting equipment for lifts up to 8.3 m);
  • Hauler tyres;
  • wide range of implements.

Specifications :

Model DV 35 T4 K  
Model line DVT  
Power source D  
Design Off-road  
Manufacturer ČZ Strakonice, a.s.  
Power source Diesel  
Operator type Seated  
Loading capacity 3500  kg
At load centre (c) 500  mm
Load distance (X) 605  mm
Wheelbase (y) 2075  mm
Truck weight 5570  kg
Axle loading with rated load - front 8230  kg
Axle loading with rated load - rear 900  kg
Wheels, Drive Train
Tyre type: L=pneumatic, SE=solid pneumatic L / L  
Tyre dimension, front 8,25 - 20  
Tyre dimension, rear 10,0/75 - 15,3  
Number of wheels, front (x = driven) 4x  
Number of wheels, rear (x = driven) 2  
Distance between centerline of tyres, front (b10) 1520  mm
Mast tilt, forwards 6  deg ( ° )
Mast tilt, backward 15  deg ( ° )
Height with mast lowere (h1) 2490  mm
Standard lift height (h3) 3300  mm
Overall height with mast raised (h4) 4130  mm
Height to top of overhead guard (h6) 2550  mm
Overall length (l1) 4330  mm
Length to fork face (includes for thickness) (l2) 3130  mm
Overall width (b1) 1270  mm
Forks dimensions (thickness) (s) 50  mm
Forks dimensions (width) (e) 100  mm
Forks dimensions (length) (l) 1200  mm
Fork carriage width (b3) 1400  mm
Ground clearance under mast, with load (m1) 280  mm
Working aisle width 1000 x 1200 pallets (Ast) 5710  mm
Touring circle radius (Wa) 4100  mm
Travel speed, with load 28  km/h
Travel speed, without load 28  km/h
Lifting speed, with load 0,42  m/s
Lifting speed, without load 0,45  m/s
Lowering speed, with load 0,5  m/s
Lowering speed, without load 0,5  m/s
Rated drawbar pull, with load 10000  N
Rated drawbar pull, without load 10000  N
Max. gradeability, with load 35  %
Max. gradeability, without load 35  %
Service brake hydraulic  
Manufacturer / Type ZETOR / Z 7701.14  
Rated output B according to ISO 1585 39  kW
Rated speed according to DIN 70020 1950  RPM
Number of cylinders / Displacement 4 / 3595  cm3/
Type of drive control hydrostatic  
Operating pressure for attachments 150  bar


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