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DESTA D (G) 12-20 DESTA D (G) 25-35 DESTA D (G) 40-50 DESTA DVT DESTA E 12-20 DESTA 3 E 10-15 DESTA, manipulační technika, vysokozdvižné vozíky
Model line: DVT

Front high-lift trucks DVHM 3522 TX, TXK and DV 35 T4, DV 35 T4K are used for loading, unloading and transport of goods and material, especially if it is palletised. The are supposed to be used in the off-the-road conditions where common types of trucks cannot be used. The DV 35 T4 and T4 K trucks are equipped with four-wheel drive. The drive of the driving axle wheels is used for recovering of the truck in difficult terrain conditions. Various attachments can be fitted to the trucks.

- DV 35 T4

- DV 35 T4 K

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