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jazyk ČZ a.s. Praha (Strakonice)
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Company Activities:

ČZ a.s. is a multi-branch company with a tradition of more than 80 years of engineering production. Approximately 80 percent of its production is for the automobile industry. According to available data, the company is one of the largest engineering companies in Southern Bohemia and the entire republic. The company regularly scores in the prestigious CZECH TOP 100 chart and the Exporter of the Year competition. It employs approximately 1400 people and almost 2000 when counting affiliated limited liability companies. Its advantageous location on the outskirts of Strakonice is potentiated by connections to key road and railway lines and the near German border crossing. An important competitive advantage of the company is the comprehensive character of its production capacities, which enables connecting final production divisions to its own extensive foundry and tool shop capacities.

Manufacture of components for the automobile industry

Manufacture of automobile components currently represents the main production programme. It includes, among others, production cooperation with Škoda Auto, consisting of component supply, namely differential boxes and synchronic rings for the MQ 200 gearbox and front covers and cylinder head covers for the new Škoda 1.2 litre three-cylinder motor. Deliveries to other important manufacturers in the automobile industry have been started, focused on components for manufacturing water and oil pumps and turbofans. The entry of ČZ into this segment was enabled especially by introducing technology meeting high quality and precision requirements and also due to effective cooperation inside the ČZ group. In quality control, production certification according to standards ISO 9002 and VDA 6.1 has been achieved.

Manufacture of turbo-superchargers for supercharging 25 – 400 kW combustion engines

These are designed namely for diesel engines of trucks and utility vehicles, buses, tractors and stationary use. ČZ currently produces three basic types: K36, K27 and C1. Types K36 and K27 are originally licensed lines, the C1 line is from our own development (1993). In the field of quality control, the production has been certified according to ISO 9001 standards. It is especially this high product quality, based on many special technologies, that enables 80 percent of production to be exported to demanding international markets. One of the world's larges manufacturers of agricultural technology, the John Deere company, is a key customer of the company. The achieved position of ČZ is the result of several years of intensive work. The joint plant ČZ-Turbo-Gaz in Nizhny Novgorod helps the division to push through on Eastern markets. This gives ČZ a competitive advantage before other turbofan manufacturers. An interesting market for ČZ is also China, where the company delivers turbofans for truck manufacturers.

Manufacture of grey and ductile cast iron

The foundry's disposition solution and equipment makes it one of the most advanced in the Czech Republic and in Middle Europe in its technological field. Typical manufactured casts up to 10 kg in weight are ribbed cylinders of air-cooled engines and compressors and turbofan turbine and bearing cases. Casts for the automobile industry represent an increasing share of the foundry's production assortment. The utilised technology (shell forming, Croning method) enable manufacture of most demanding casts. A large share of production is goes to affiliated divisions, especially turbofan manufacture. The foundry's exceptional cast quality, based on a certified DIN EN ISO 9002 and VDA 6.1 quality control system, make it an acceptable supplier of leading European automobile companies. A manual forming shop has been founded, which enables piece or small-run production of casts, approx. up to 100 pieces and weight up to 15 kilograms.

Manufacture of pressure cast aluminium casts

These are designated especially for the automobile and consumer industry. Investment into robotized shops based on 630 t and 1600 t pressure presses has sharply increased its manufacturing potential with higher cast weight (up to 9 kg) and quality. The company has achieved great improvements in the area of quality in last years. Quality control became systematic and production was certified according to both ISO 9002 and VDA 6.1 standards. The sales territory of this division includes, besides the Czech Republic and Slovakia, especially Germany. The share of deliveries for export amounts to three quarters of the total turnover. The offer for cast processing inside the company's production capacities is aimed at the needs of customers as a result of the trend towards components with a higher level of processing.

Tool production

Construction and manufacture of pressure moulds for aluminium and zinc alloys, moulds for plastics and rubber, sheet metal forming tools, tools for precision cutting and special cutting tools. Own tool shop capacities are crucial for smooth production operation of the entire company and timely production innovation; they also secure necessary changes in the production structure. The capacity of tool production is capable of satisfying not only company needs, especially the aluminium and cast iron foundries, but also addressing the most demanding customers, especially from the automobile industry.

Manufacture of DESTA brand reach high-lift trucks

This is a relatively new line of work in ČZ. The main product, DV C line trucks with a 2.5 t - 3.5 t maximum load, 3.3 – 8.3 m lift and gas or diesel engines, is being replaced by the new D model line with a maximum load of 2.5 – 5 tons. Accumulator trucks have been markedly innovated in the new E line (max load 1.2 - 2 t). The scope of products also includes terrain high-lift trucks (max load up to 3.5 tons, types DV 3522 TX and DV 35 T4) and high-load trucks (max load up to 8 tons). ČZ is methodically focused on the development of new products.

Brief overview of the manufacturing programme of affiliated companies

The products of ČZ ŘETĚZY, s.r.o. [ČZ CHAINS, Ltd.] are designed for bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, general engineering, agriculture and other industries. Chains from Strakonice have prevailed on international markets for more than 70 years, especially thanks to the use of modern technology (largely self-made), continuous care for high quality and long product life and also thanks to a wide assortment of manufactured goods and short delivery terms.

ČZ Gastro, s.r.o. secures canteen meals and deliveries of prepared meals. This activity is carried out in kitchens with canteens in Strakonice and in the KLIMA CZ a.s. plant in Prachatice. For external customers, the company secures deliveries of lunch and dinner meals with its own vehicles. It prepares an average of 3000 meals per day. The buffet produces delicacy products ranging from various salads, open sandwiches, aspics and baguettes up to entire dinner parties and wedding banquets.

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