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Truck - E 12

E 12

E 12 front fork battery fork-lift trucks have a loading capacity of 1200 kg. The fork has a 3.3 lift as standard but upon request, the "container version" is available with a 2.8 m lift and a 1.4 free lift or TRIPLEX for up to 6.4 m for easy, quick and safe manipulation with pallet-loaded material including stacking at heights. The trucks in this series have minimum dimensions and over-average manoeuvrability. This predetermines them for, among others, manipulation in containers, vans or confined storage spaces. The new design concept has particularly been subordinated to the ergonomic needs of the operators while attaining a high aesthetic standard. The newly used transmissions, modern engines and hydrodynamic devices have resulted in minimum truck noise level and the achievement of large transport volumes.

Operational features: Optional equipment:
  • very small dimensions and passing height;
  • excellent manoeuvrability and stability;
  • easy replacement of traction battery in the case of multi-shift operation;
  • lifting equipment for heights from 2.8 to 6.4 m; possible working in containers and vans;
  • high lift 1.4 m free lift (for container version);
  • easy control of all features;
  • comfortable operation;
  • low step-on height;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • full-rubber tyres;
  • independent front-axle wheel drive when using the "tilting" drive axle combining the advantages of three-wheel and four-wheel trucks;
  • minimum turning radius and working aisle width;
  • high static and dynamic stability when working with a load, allowing faster travelling speeds and stacking at high heights with heavy weight loads;
  • more driver off-road comfort (a half frequency amplitude of the drive axle);
  • higher traction power for a trailer;
  • better distribution of axle loads.
  • optional selection of higher-capacity batteries;
  • Aquamatik - central replenishment of the battery sections with distilled water;
  • easy connection of various additional implements;
  • colour design upon the request of the customer;
  • truck lighting assembly.
  • hanging lug for easier battery handling during replacement.

Specifications :

Model E 12  
Model line E 12-20  
Power source E  
Design Industrial  
Manufacturer ČZ Strakonice, a.s.  
Power source Electric  
Operator type Seated  
Loading capacity 1250  kg
At load centre (c) 500  mm
Load distance (X) 320  mm
Wheelbase (y) 1190  mm
Truck weight 2690  kg
Axle loading with rated load - front 3400  kg
Axle loading with rated load - rear 540  kg
Wheels, Drive Train
Tyre type: L=pneumatic, SE=solid pneumatic SE / SE  
Tyre dimension, front 18 x 7 - 8  
Tyre dimension, rear 15 x 4,5 - 8  
Number of wheels, front (x = driven) 2x  
Number of wheels, rear (x = driven) 2  
Distance between centerline of tyres, front (b10) 910  mm
Distance between centerline of tyres, rear (b11) 910  mm
Mast tilt, forwards 8,5  deg ( ° )
Mast tilt, backward 6  deg ( ° )
Height with mast lowere (h1) 2195  mm
Standard free lift (h2) 70  mm
Standard lift height (h3) 3300  mm
Overall height with mast raised (h4) 3850  mm
Height to top of overhead guard (h6) 1950  mm
Seat height (h7) 910  mm
Tow coupling height (h10) 510  mm
Overall length (l1) 2580  mm
Length to fork face (includes for thickness) (l2) 1780  mm
Overall width (b1) 1070  mm
Forks dimensions (thickness) (s) 35  mm
Forks dimensions (width) (e) 80  mm
Forks dimensions (length) (l) 800  mm
Fork carriage width (b3) 1070  mm
Ground clearance under mast, with load (m1) 90  mm
Ground clearance centre of wheelbase (m2) 105  mm
Working aisle width 1000 x 1200 pallets (Ast) 3115  mm
Working aisle width 800 x 1200 pallets (Ast) 3230  mm
Touring circle radius (Wa) 1460  mm
Travel speed, with load 13,5  km/h
Travel speed, without load 14  km/h
Lifting speed, with load 0,5  m/s
Lifting speed, without load 0,71  m/s
Lowering speed, with load 0,54  m/s
Lowering speed, without load 0,41  m/s
Rated drawbar pull, with load 6300  N
Rated drawbar pull, without load 6300  N
Max. gradeability, with load 17  %
Max. gradeability, without load 36,7  %
Service brake mechanical  
Electric engine
Drive motor capacity (60 min. short duty) 2 x 4,3  kW
Lift motor output (15% duty factor) 11,5  kW
Battery 4 PzS 480 HX  
Battery, voltage/capacity 48 / 480  V/Ah
Battery, weight 752  kg
Energy consumption acording to VDI cycle 4,3  kWh/h
Type of drive control hydrostatic  
Operating pressure for attachments 170  bar


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